Door Kicker

LIGHT ROAST (12oz bag)

Our Door Kicker Blend is full-bodied and lightly roasted in the time honored, traditional Northern European style. This method enhances a complex and vibrant flavor profile that is sometimes obscured by darker roasts.

Our unique blend yields a fresh, sweet cup of coffee, lending to subtle notes of brown sugar, caramel, and a finish that is undeniably smooth. Sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, this is a great blend for drip or espresso.

Don’t let the “Light” roast fool you, this blend packs a punch. Kickstart your day with this High Octane Roast garnering the highest caffeine level of any of our blends. This is sure to become one of your morning favorites!

Characteristics: Brown sugar / Caramel / Undeniably smooth
Primary origins: Brazil / Costa Rica / Guatemala

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