Classic Frogman Watch Cap

The term “watch cap” was coined by sailors, who often wore these caps to keep warm while on their watch. Originating in World War II, these caps were standard issue in the US Navy as Sailors found themselves performing duties in some of the worst weather conditions imaginable. When the Sailors came home they brought their hats with them, and it became a popular style to have your watch cap rolled above your ears, high on your head at a jaunty angle. Not a modern trend but a long-standing Naval tradition. Honor the original Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) members with this cap. The “Frogmen” of the Navy were Gritty, tough, American men who cleared the beaches in such places like the South Pacific and the invasion of Normandy beach.

• Brand: Port & Company – Knit Cap
• One size fits most
• 100% acrylic (Solid)