Our Story

We are a team of dedicated professionals who have found success in our previous professions. With backgrounds ranging from the US Navy SEALs to Corporate America, we are purpose driven with one goal; to create exceptionally high-quality products with a focus on giving back to those who have given so much.


We are not just another coffee company. We are deeply invested in producing the world’s finest, premium, small-batch coffee with inspiration and purpose. We want you to be part of our team. Join us in preserving the legacy of our Navy SEALs “one label at a time”.


Bonefrog Coffee Company was created as a tribute to the Brotherhood of US Navy SEAL’s and to all Americans who have bravely served, or are serving, in our United States Armed Forces.


Our team is passionate about producing the world’s finest coffee. We begin each project with the same determination and commitment to excellence that consistently produces the world’s most elite warriors. We believe that courage, determination and selfless acts are part of the American DNA. Perhaps, by doing things just a little differently, we can revolutionize how you view your coffee.


Our American Pride is what defines us, it is what motivates us and it is surely what makes us all uniquely and unapologetically American. It is our hope to bring our customers a product that we can all be proud of, that is made in America, with a mission of giving back to those who have given so much. Each one of our unique labels will highlight the untold stories of strength, courage and selfless sacrifice.


At Bonefrog Coffee Company, we are making a humble and heartfelt commitment to give a portion of all proceeds to benefit one of the US Navy SEAL Foundations.