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Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart is a coffee icon, a true pioneer of gourmet coffee roasting in Seattle. His lifelong passion for quality coffee and attention to detail started nearly 50 years ago and led him to become a Master Roaster. Over the years, Dave has developed a signature style and flavor profile that can’t be replicated. His blends have been enjoyed by discerning coffee drinkers worldwide for decades.

The Quality We Have is Unbelievable!

We purposely import farm direct from Central and South America, cutting out the middleman. This allows us to pay our farmers more, thus improving agriculture, strengthening relationships, and building communities. Our beans are grown specifically for our blends and we have access to some of the most ethically grown and highest quality Arabica beans in the world.

We Honor the Price of Freedom

Because of our commitment to you and the strong relationships we have built with our farmers, our goal is to provide you with amazing coffee while also providing the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Please join us in our mission to give back to those organizations that support our military heroes.

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